Other Attorneys’ Helpful Articles

Oil & Gas Topics:
1. “Oil and Gas Title Opinion Basics,” by Rhonda J. McLean, OCRPLA (April 2015)

2. “Oil and Gas Lease Cancellations: Production in Paying Quantities,” by Munson – Ritter at Cleverdon Seminar Presentation (2014)

3. “Preparing Title Opinions in the Digital Age,” by Donald F. Heath, Jr., Presentation at Mineral Lawyers Society of Oklahoma City (Oct. 18, 2012)

4. “Basis of Opinions, Types of Opinions, and Layout of Opinions,” by Allen D. Cummings, Rocky Mt. Min. L. Fdn., Paper no. 3 (2012)

5. “Oil and Gas Title Due Diligence,” by John Lee, Rocky Mt. Min. L. Fdn., Paper no. 7, Vol. 48, No. 2 (2011)

6. “Construction of Instruments Creating Interests in Oil and Gas,” by Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., Kuntz Law of Oil and Gas, Ch. 16 (2011)

7. The Oil and Gas Lease In Oklahoma- A Primer- by Ryan A Ray- 80 Okla BJ 1031- 2009

8. “The Continuing Problem of ‘Other Minerals:’ Oklahoma Needs a Uniform Rule of Construction,” by Sharon J. Bell, 56 Okla. B.J. 2919 (1985)

9. “Determining Mineral Ownership in Texas After Moser v. United States Steel Corp. The Surface Destruction Nightmare Continues,” by David A. Scott, 17 St. Mary’s L. J. 185 (1985)

10. “Texas Reexamines the Meaning of ‘Minerals’: Moser v. United States Steel Corp.,” by Paul D. Newton, 19 Tulsa L. J. 448 (1984)

11. “Oil & Gas: Retroactive Application of Oklahoma’s Statutory Pugh Clause?” By David D. Hunt, II, 53 Okla. B.J. 487 (Feb. 27, 1982)

12. “What Surface is Mineral and What Mineral is Surface,” by Don Emery, 12 Okla. L. Rev. 499 (1959)

Surface and General Real Estate Topics:
1. “Indian Land Reform: Justice for All? An Examination of Property Laws Pertaining to the Five Tribes Indians and a New Call for Reform,” by Melissa Cottle, 39 Okla. City U. L. Rev. 71 (Spring 2014)

2. “Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Heath: Heightened Pleadings Standards Dressed in Standing Garb,” by  Tami Jo Hines, 38 Okla. City  U. L. Rev. 269 (Summer 2013)

3. “What You Need to Know About New HB 2639: The ‘Nontestamentary Transfer of Property Act,'” by Julie Bushyhead, 80 Okla. B.J. 33 (2009)

4. “Before the Bulldozer Comes: An Eminent Domain Guide for the Landowner,” by Dennis Box and Audrey Blank, 72 Okla. B.J. 2365 (August 11, 2001)

5. “Attorney Lien Claimed: Is It Worth the Paper It is Written On?,” by Jon D. Starr, 71 Okla B.J. 619 (March 11, 2000

6. “‘Fatally Flawed’: State Court Approval of Conveyances by Indians of the Five Civilized Tribes–Time for Legislative Reform,” by Tim Vollmann and M. Sharon Blackwell, 25 Tulsa L. J. 1 (Fall 1989)

7. “Overview of Oklahoma Condemnation Procedure,” by Stephen P. Gray, 60 Okla. B.J. 1859 (July 29, 1989)

8. “The Constitutionality of the Marketable Record Title Act,” by John Terry Bado and Barbara K. Bado, 56 Okla. B.J. 1721 (1983)

9. “Contract for Deed–A Practical Prohibition,” by Charles Ming, 54 Okla. B.J. 3001 (1983)

10. “Reservations in Warranty Deeds,” by Beverly K. Scribner, Okla. B.J. 2005 (1983)

11. ” Ownership and Conveyancing of Land by Joint Adventures Within the State of Oklahoma,” by Richard Cleverdon, 52 Okla. B.J. 2137 (Sept. 26, 1981)

12. “Indian Land Law – Some Fundamental Concepts for the Title Examiner,” by A.F. Ringold, 10 Tulsa L. J. 321 (1975)

13. “The Oklahoma Marketable Record Title Act,” by John F. Hicks, 9 Tulsa L. J. 68 (1973)

14. “An Introduction to Oklahoma’s First Comprehensive Land Title Simplification Law,” by G.D. Ashabranner, 14 Okla. L. Rev.  516 (1961)













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